Invitation Only Casinos

    Invitation Only Casinos – The 2018 Trend?

    So what exactly are invitations only casinos? we are going to explain some of the basics and cover as much as we can.

    More and more online casino embraces the luxurious approach of invitations only, A trend that have been tested in the past but failed.

    So, what’s new this time?

    Online casino like Posh Casino are exclusively for invited members only, The reason it still works for them, they make it extremely rewarding for the inviting players.

    The person who accept the invite is also eligible for a nice welcoming bonus.

    Unfortunately, On this case about posh casino, There are many complains out there especially about fairness and security, So we would like to recommend choosing something else.

    Some rumors has it that posh casino is not even legally operating, We are yet to confirm whether its real or not.


    So, Which Casino we recommend?

    This is a tricky question, finding a decent casino operator is no longer an easy task, but its definitely possible when you are doing the right thing

    Our site, is mainly about online casinos with paypal, However, There are many viable options out there.

    One of our favorites is SuperNova Casino, Offering huge game collection and many alternative payment solutions such as bitcoin and other e-wallets.


    About VIP memberships

    So, what exactly are VIP memberships? we get this question quite alot and its actually very simple.

    All casinos have their VIP memberships levels  that were devised to accommodate “high roller” players.

    This is aimed for Loyal players that play the most at the particular casino, and their loyalty is rewarded through VIP privileges.



    Wether the trends will stick or not, this is a cool feature, We are not big fans of the idea.

    Pay attention to who you are registering with and don’t fall for the trends.


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